13 Simple Tips To help you lose weight!

Are you ready for some new habits and simple tips to help you lose weight? Do you want to avoid diet traps, constant hunger and exhaustion that can be associated with losing weight?

In this article, you’ll find 13 simple tips that will help you achieve your goal. These seemingly small tips can help you take big steps and sustainably support you in keeping your desired weight.

13 everyday helpers and simple tips for losing weight

These 13 simple tips for losing weight will help you lose weight both immediately and sustainably. They are really simple, but they are often underestimated. I have noticed that when aiming, 80% is basic work and only 20% take the ‘secret tricks’. The 80% is exactly the unspectacular tricks that many knows, and most neglect.

So please take them seriously and try to internalize these simple tips for losing weight – and implement them from today:

Tip 1 – Chew your food slowly and eat consciously

One of the easiest ways to avoid excessive eating, as well as to reduce hunger and digestive problems, is to slowly chew your meals. Reduce the tempo and chew more slowly. Focus on the meal when eating. Don’t watch a series while eating, don’t reply to emails and don’t eat your food while standing. Treat yourself 10-15 minutes for a quiet meal.

This will help you in two ways. The brain needs approx. 20 minutes to get the message that the stomach is filled with food. The longer you eat, the greater the chance that you won’t eat more than you actually need. The second advantage is that by thoroughly chewing it will be easier for you to digest your meal.

Tip 2 – Drink enough water

This tip comes again and again and in different contexts – but sufficient fluid intake is also your basis when losing weight. Drinking more is a small change in your lifestyle, which you can introduce now. Start the day with a glass of water and drink enough water and unsweetened drinks throughout the day. Especially green tea can help you with your goals.

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Since our body often confuses hunger and thirst, like to drink a large glass of water at the first feeling of hunger to see if the feeling of hunger is permanent and therefore real. Since we humans are habitual animals, we often simply get hungry at our usual meal times. But more on that in Tip 7.

simple tips to lose weight

Tip 3 – Increase your protein intake

What can you do when you go to a party or lunch with friends? When choosing your dish, first pay attention to a high protein content: meat, fish, eggs preferably with as gentle and unprocessed vegetables as possible as a side dish (i.e. better-steamed potatoes than croquettes or fries :-)).

Meals based mainly on carbohydrates and a fatty sauce, such as Pasta with cream sauce, can set you back when you reach your goals, as they do not saturate you sustainably and are still extremely high in calories. Plan the meals you prepare yourself, preferably in the following order: Always choose the protein source of the meal first, then add the remaining ingredients, preferably vegetables.

Tip 4 – Take care of a healthy source of fat

After the protein, be sure to use healthy fats. Good fats are not only beneficial for heart, hair and nails but are also responsible for slower digestion and a longer feeling of satiety. However, do not exaggerate the fats because they contain more than twice as many calories per gram as protein and carbohydrates.

If you e.g. B. Preparing your salad dressing, measure the amount of oil best. Especially with high-calorie foods, it is often difficult for us to estimate by a sense of proportion. This way, you can make life easier right at the beginning by measuring and develop a well-founded feeling for the energy content of your food over time.

Tip 5 – Don’t be afraid of hunger

You’re on the road or at the cinema. You don’t have the possibility to eat your meal in peace or there is no time for it? Can’t get something nutritious quickly? This should not be an excuse to eat anything. Even if you are hungry for 2-3 hours, nothing actually happens at first. You will not lose any muscles and your metabolism will not slow down. Don’t be afraid of hunger.

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Drink water, unsweetened tea or coffee without milk and sugar during this time. Enjoy your meal in peace as soon as you arrive back home, for example. If you have a very hectic lifestyle, you should have healthy snacks with you. But more on that in Tip 10.

Tip 6 – Eat the most carbohydrates around your workout

Another simple tip is to consume the majority of carbohydrates before and after exercise. This guarantees that most of this energy is used as fuel for training and supplementing the glycogen after training and is not stored as fat. Limit carbohydrate intake at other meals.

Ideally, you combine the carbohydrates around your workout with proteins. Z. For example, in the form of a delicious smoothie of berries, bananas, protein and a mixture of yoghurt and water (easier to digest and less calorie-rich than classic milk).

Tip 7 – Eat when you’re hungry

Predetermined eating times and calorie counting have their place in an effective diet plan. However, it is a good habit to eat only when you are really hungry. There should be no pressure to consume a particular meal at a certain time of day. Listen to your body’s signals.

So, for example, For example, the view that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, misleading in that many people get well to start the day without breakfast and rather rely on an early and protein-rich lunch.

Tip 8 – Cheatmeals in diet

Just as we are sometimes not hungry, we sometimes feel a greater desire for food. Given the mood, activity and metabolic changes during the week, you will probably sometimes need more calories than usual.

If you have a daily diet with a calorie deficit, one to two ‘fraud meals’ per week may be indicated during the diet. Strategically planned cheat meals can relieve the feeling of hunger during a diet and let us burn fat again in the following days. However, this should not be an excuse to constantly break the rules of the diet. This will only work if we meet the calorie deficit for the remaining days.

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Tip 9 – Eat before going out

The main trap for anyone on a diet is the extremely easy availability of high-calorie meals that are high in sugar and fat. They are available almost everywhere. That’s why it’s best to eat before you leave the house, whether you’re going to the movies for shopping, partying or cinema. Make sure your meal is rich in protein and vegetables as well as healthy fats.

This will make it much easier for you to resist the temptations along the way during your day. It is not a question of excluding the enjoyment of sweets etc. But it has a completely different quality, whether you consciously choose and enjoy a cheat meal of your choice, or whether you simply resort to Fast Food & Co. due to cravings on the way.

Tip 10 – Tarpaulin

If you know that you will not be at home for an extended period of time, or You won’t be able to prepare a meal, plan in advance what you will eat and what you need to take with you. This seems obvious, but how many people actually put this into practice?

Taking healthy snacks such as nuts, dried beef, energy bars and even protein bars can be what you need to avoid sudden hunger and unhealthy temptations. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a rainy day when you take an umbrella with you.

Tip 11 – Make friends with green vegetables

Green vegetables (especially leafy vegetables) have very few calories and provide many valuable nutrients. Significantly increase the volume of low-calorie meals. Are you on a diet? Include salad, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, rocket, cucumbers and zucchini in your diet.

It is almost impossible to eat too many green vegetables. Here, too, the devil is once again in the detail, or the method of preparation. Similar to salad dressing, it is important to use healthy fats for the preparation and to use them in a balanced manner.

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simple tips to lose weight

Tip 12 – Use unprocessed foods

Dietary supplements such as protein supplements, amino acids and meal substitute bars occasionally have their place in the diet – they offer variety, are an alternative to unhealthy sweets and are practical as easy to transport and since no time for the preparation.

But real, unprocessed foods are still your best option: eggs, fish, meat, chicken, turkey, fruits, vegetables, nuts and natural oils are healthy and saturating foods. They should be the basis of your diet. Find your very personal favourites and the easiest way to prepare for you.

Tip 13 – Don’t be in despair when things don’t work out like this

Each of us sometimes has its worse days: travel, family commitments, excessive work, stress, unexpected events. It is then difficult to follow a corresponding diet. We often resort to unhealthy snacks or alcohol. Still, try to limit stress while eating or eating outside the house and don’t fall into the mind that in the event of a misstep, ‘everything doesn’t matter today anyway.’

Every little decision counts. If you get wrong decisions, don’t waste energy thinking about it. In other words, ‘it is not worth complaining about spilt milk’. Just keep going and think at most about how you’ll be better prepared in a similar situation next time (e.g. B. Your favourite dried fruits, which you always have in your pocket as an emergency snack).

Simple tips for losing weight – your daily decisions determine your quality of life

I hope these concrete and simple tips for losing weight have made it clear to you once again that losing weight is not witchcraft, but the sum of your decisions. In order to bring the mosaic of these building blocks into a larger context, I would like to recommend our weight loss protocol to you.

This summarizes all the tips & tricks that we share with you on QuickSimpleHealth in various posts and offers you a structure that allows you to hang out.

Enjoy the changeover and write to us with questions or if you would like to share your experiences with us!


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