23 Motivation Tips In Weight Loss: How To Focus More On Your Goal

For motivation in weight loss, it may be better to learn some tips to focus more on achieving your goals.

As you know, losing weight can be difficult. At first, you might be doing everything well to lose weight fast, but you may face many difficulties until you reach your goal.

17 Tips For Motivation In Weight Loss

Here are some tips for motivation in weight loss that you can stand up, start weight loss, and continue:

1. Why You Want To Lose Weight

Determine the cause of weight loss and write it down on paper. Read them every day and remind yourself as you move away from weight loss programs. This way you will have more motivation in weight loss goals. As you are more motivated, the more successful you are.

Maybe your weight loss goal is preventing diabetes or your favorite jeans size, but most people lose weight because of the doctor’s advice.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

When you have unattainable goals, you will soon be frustrated. On the other hand with clear and reachable goals you will succeed.

Those who expect to lose a lot of weight in a short time will soon be tired of the weight loss diet and set it aside. But even a 5 to 10 percent reduction in your body weight can have a huge impact on your health. In fact, 5 to 10 percent of weight loss can help control blood sugar, reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels and reduce cancer risk.

3. Set Small, Realistic Goals For Yourself

Long-term and big goals are boring and usually lead to quitting. Unrealistic weight loss goals are also against motivation because when you realize you will not be able to reach them, you are getting frustrated.

For example, three times a week and going to a club for a month is much better than saying that I go to the club every day for the next year, because it is easy and not tiring.

Remember, once you reach one of your little goals, you can set a new goal for yourself over time. Sometimes it may not be clear to achieve something in the short term, but continuing it over the long term will have big results for you.

Be realistic about targeting, because when you define a goal that is inaccessible to you, you never experience the sense of achievement and success, so you lose your motivation in weight loss.

4. Do Something You Enjoy

There is nothing worse than trying to motivate yourself to do what you hate. If you enjoy the work you do, it will be easier to motivate yourself to succeed. So when you want to increase your physical activity, go for a sport you enjoy.


Exercise doesn’t always mean going to the gym. There are many other options that you can burn calories with. You can try a variety of yoga classes, Pilates and other exercises. If you like going out or hiking, and if you are at home you can enjoy or even dance with sports videos.

5. Exercise With Your Friends

Going out with friends is one of the best ways for motivation yourself in weight loss because if you don’t keep going, you’ll be disappointed. Exercising with friends can make a healthy competition and force both of you to try more.

A friend can encourage you when you are not in the mood and motivate you to keep going.

6. Sign-up for a class

Staying committed to the sport at a specific time and regularly is much better than exercising irregularly at any time. You have to pay money for sports classes and that is another motivation to participate in them because you do not want to waste the money. If you don’t go to class, the coach and the rest of the team will understand and it may be easier to attend the class than excuse yourself.

7. Use Visual Tools

You can keep track of your weight loss progress in a notebook or on the board, or draw on a chart. This will help you see where you started and what your efforts were. You can even use your old and new photos. Always remind yourself why you want to lose weight. Along the way, good visual tools can help.

8. Reward Your Progress

If you reach one of your goals, reward yourself. For example, buy a dress for yourself. This will encourage you to pursue the next goal and strive to achieve it. Because you know you’re rewarded every time you succeed.

9. Talk About Your Weight Loss Goals

Talk to your friends, family or your doctor about your weight loss goals. This will help them become aware of your goals and feel more responsible for doing so. When you know that others are watching your progress, you will be motivated to strive harder. When you are looking for motivation, being supportive of others is extremely helpful.

10. Join A Group To Support You

If you are really involved in motivating yourself to exercise and lose weight, you can join a group that has goals similar to yours and can support you along the way. Whether in the real world or on social media, this group can increase your motivation.

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11. Find Out What Caused Stoping In Weight Loss To Solve It

If you wrote down a list of things that prevent you from losing weight and achieving your goals, you should put it aside and look for a solution instead of being sad. For example, if you do not have time, look for ways to exercise at home or at the office. The Internet can help you find a good solution to your problems, because many others may have a problem like you.

12. Add Diversity To Keep Your Motivation Consistent

The monotony is boring and gives you no incentive to continue. Not only in the field, but also in the sport you need to have diversity. This will make the exercise more effective. If you feel tired of what you’re doing, try a new one to get a little excitement into your life and increase your effort.

13. Think And Speak Positively

If you trust and believe more, you can lose weight in the best way. Talk positively about weight loss and the steps you need to take. Those who dream are less likely to reach their goals. Imagining in your mind that you have reached your goal, so you are less likely to act. Imagine you have reached your goal of losing weight instead of a fantasy. With these assumptions, you are more likely to consume fewer calories and exercise more.

14. Plan For Challenges And Problems

There may be a lot of stress and strain on you along this path. So you have to find a way to deal with these pressures and motivations. There are many holidays, birthdays and celebrations to attend. Even in the workplace or in the family, you may face these pressures. You have to find a way to solve these problems. Many are looking for relaxation, so they may lose motivation very soon and fail to reach their goals.

Those who are capable of managing stress and combating problems are more likely to lose weight. To deal with the stress doing exercise, breathing in the fresh air, bathing, going out and also calling a friend and ask for help is useful.

15. Love And Admire Your Body

Those who do not like their bodies cannot lose weight. Those who have a good image of their appearance do their best to lose weight. Do activities like exercise, admire your physical abilities, do yourself a massage or manicure, be with positive people, don’t compare yourself to others, wear the clothes you love and size, Look in the mirror and compliment yourself aloud. Find your favorite exercise to step into your lovely body.

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The most important part of weight loss is physical activity. It not only helps to lose weight but also promotes body health. Choose a sport that you enjoy. Try and research a variety of sports to find your favorite sport. Do you like to exercise outdoors or at home? Listen to music while you exercise. Those who listen to music exercise for a longer period of time.

16. Get Help From Professionals

Get help from professionals in weight loss. Those who trust their knowledge and abilities are more likely to lose weight. For example, find a nutritionist who will teach you a lot about foods and sports. So if you want to gain more motivation in weight loss, consult a nutritionist or a psychologist and ask for help.

17. Follow 9 dietary instructions 

  • Never ignore breakfast
  • Drink at least 2 large glasses of water a day to avoid cellulite
  • Never sugar, just honey!
  • Don’t use sugary drinks 
  • Never smoke
  • Exercise 30 minutes every day
  • Eat fruit every day
  • Always have a positive attitude
  • And never let yourself get hungry

It’s Better To DO For Motivation In Weight Loss

Motivation In Weight Loss

1. Do Not Eat With The Hand You Usually Work With

In a new and interesting study, nutritionists have found a simple way of coping when you are eating regardless of the amount of food. Often when watching television or watching a movie, it happens without attention.

Experts recommend that you simply change the hand with which you eat. You eat less now.

Researchers gave a packet of fresh popcorn or cold and humid popcorn to some people while watching TV. They often ate all the popcorn while they watched the movie, both fresh and old. But in another experiment, experts found that when people were asked to use their other hand to eat, the amount of popcorn they ate decreased by 30 percent.

2. Look Into A Mirror While Eating

Sit down in front of a mirror while eating food. A new study found that when people look at themselves in the mirror while eating, the consumption of high-calorie foods, such as high-fat cream cheese, is reduced by about one-third. The reason for this is probably that when they see themselves eating, they remember their diet and health goals.

3. Fill Your Dining Area With Blue Color

Use blue containers, blue napkins, blue desktops, even blue paintings on the walls of the dining room or blue lamps. According to a study done by Dr. Wal-Jones in 2016, attendees ate 33 percent less than the food served at a party in a room with blue lights.

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The reason for this is probably because, in our minds, blue is associated with poisonous and moldy foods, so we eat less. On the other hand, yellow and red have the opposite effect. That is why fast food restaurants use appetizing and stimulating colors. So use these simple tricks to maintain your diet.

4. Eat In Silence

Studies have shown that eating in a noisy environment causes us to eat faster so that our brains sometimes don’t know we are full and eating too much. This is a good reason to turn off the TV while eating. According to the study, people who are distracted by watching television or using a computer while eating are more likely to eat more during the day than other people.

5. Wear Tight Clothing At Dinner

Usually, people tend to wear looser and more comfortable clothing when they gain a few pounds, but nutritionists say that the chance of losing extra weight increases while eating with tight clothing. In this way, if we start overeating, the dress reminds us that we can’t eat anymore. You can also hang tight trousers in the kitchen to remind you of the weight loss motivation.

6. Get A Toothpaste Diet

Instead of sweet dessert after a meal, brush your teeth with mint toothpaste. Peppermint flavors give you the sense that you are fed this meal. In addition, peppermint taste does not mix well with most foods and so the food loses its good taste, the taste and freshness of the teeth is very pleasant, and biting chocolates or sweets will no longer be worth losing the cleanness of the teeth.

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Motivation is important in long-term weight loss goals. So you need to find what you know makes you motivated. Remember to be flexible and celebrate the smallest successes and not be afraid to ask for help. With the right tools and support, you can gain the motivation in weight loss goals.

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