Pranayama – Breathing Yoga as A Way To Lose Weight

Pranayama is a viable way to reduce weight in today’s busy lives because most people do not have much time to address sports programs. Practising Pranayama is simple and can be integrated with your daily routine. It can also be done at home.

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Most weight loss programs focus on exercise, aerobics, yoga gestures and a diet plan. Pranayama or breathing science is usually ignored but the practice of breathing technique is a perfect way to reduce body fat. The same person who learns this technique can benefit from its benefits.

To understand the weight-loss method, the person must pay attention to the root cause of obesity. Yoga sports gestures about raising awareness. We have increased problems such as obesity, blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases with a busy lifestyle and high stress.

We don’t even be aware of the self-discipline of life that causes damage to our bodies. The unhealthy body causes inflammation, anger, inappropriate reaction to external events, depression, lack of confidence and so on.

pranayama for weightloss

How does pranayama affect food habits?

Practising yoga helps to increase awareness in daily life. Most yoga gestures are associated with breathing. The person who does this gesture should be familiar with body movements and breathing. Awareness of pranayama in daily activities, especially on food habits, has a high impact.

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Many of us do not care about the calories and nutrients we need. We eat food only when we are hungry.

Do we have more calories than we need? We are overeating? Will we eat food to forget depression? Do we see an external activity in order to cover the internal turbulence of our mind? If this is not the case, did we find the root cause of our obesity?

The person should hear the number of calories they need in the day with the help of a doctor or nutritionist.

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When you know your daily needs, you can be aware of all the wrong habits that are causing our overeating. A simple exercise is to be aware of our food process.

Eating on chewing and swallowing focus. Do you eat fast food? Why is anxiety? These are the questions that we have to ask ourselves.

Eat Slow Food and chew it. With relaxed eating, people can deal with overeating. Every time the mind is out of control it slowly re-return it to the original track. First, pull a few slow and deep breaths before eating. Be aware of your eating practice. To raise your knowledge of practising respiratory techniques, yoga can be very helpful.

Yoga style breathing involves doing deep and gentle breath from the abdomen, chest and neck so that these parts are stretched perfectly.

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This type of breathing completely fills the lungs and giving out the breath of the same shape all the air out, and in the end, the abdomen will come back inside. This exercise can be done on a chair or in any case of yoga movements.

pranayama for weightloss

How does it help to lose weight?

A person can do certain respiratory exercises that are focused on weight loss. A person who does yoga exercises will have a leaner body. It can help to balance the fat in the body. The excess fat burns. Three types of Yoga training were specially investigated for weight loss.

1- Low breath

This movement includes tails and exhales with intensity and depth such as the aspirator. You can do so in any case where you are comfortable sitting on your seat.

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It helps the blood of oxygen and improves all tissues and organs of the body. This endocrine exercise encourages the best performance. Those who are obese because of their forms of thyroid function are very useful. The training should be done two minutes before the main training of the computer, but in the same words.

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2-The skull cleansing or respiration

This move is done in sitting position or yoga movements. In the case of action, the tail is performed in a normal manner, while the exhale is severely affected.

The exhale of the air is removed by pressure completely from the lungs. This is done by pressing the abdomen to the inside side in exhale mode and causes the aperture to move upward. To start practising a deep breath and get out of pressure without holding down.

Pull the breath back in and repeat the process again. Keep at least 10 times of training. A person with a workout can do so over 120 times. People can make multiple moves in one round of training.

Do not take this exercise at first more than 5 minutes, but you can then continue to go under the exercise coach for up to 20 minutes. It is said that exercise is a suitable way to influence abdominal fat. After the high repetition of this exercise, a person can see a reduction in their belly fat.

3-Anulom vilom pranayama or breathing nose replacement

This move can also be done in any mode. While you hold the right nostril with a closed hand, gently and stop the breath from the left hole of the nose to the inside, then remove the left nostril with the hand and pull the breath out of the right side. Now, with the same method, drag the air out of the nasal hole right into the left side. This model is called the knock-off of the Winum pranayama. The tail and exhale ratio was initially 1:1. For example, if the tail is 4 seconds exhale should also take 4 seconds. Later, it could change to 1:2.

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A person with a workout can lift the tail time up to 12 seconds. Professional people can do this for up to 20 seconds too. In some parts of the exercise, people can also keep breathing.


Note For those who suffer from blood pressure and heart problems are keeping the breath can be dangerous and should abstain from it. At first, the ratio of this exercise can be 1:1:1, including the tail, holding of breath and exhale. But later this ratio could change to 1:4:1. Remember, doing these exercises is done alongside a specialist.

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