The Effect of Colours on Appetite

Many of us believe that we simply don’t eat, but our sense of taste is very simply deceived by the sense of sight. That’s because humans have some special expectations for their food. When the colour of the food is bad or with what we expect to be different, the time is said to be sure that the taste is different. The results of the study showed that human beings use visual clues to identify and judge the quality and taste of what they eat.

The taste glands play an important role in determining the four main groups of flavours (sweet, salty, sour and bitter). When the taste glands interact with food, they send signals to the brain to interpret the taste. When we see it before eating, the eyes are sent to the brain before the taste glands. As a result, this will affect the taste of food.

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Impact of colours on appetite

Humans from the beginning will see some colours with a variety of foods. As a result, the colour of the foods is considered a special flavour. For example, yellow pudding expects to have banana or lemon flavour or we know the red jelly against the flavour of cherry, pomegranate or watermelon. In fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, we will help the colours to handle and accomplish the fresh.

Today, some colours are considered as an international language and they use a lot of it. For example, if you take a look at the colours of fast food and restaurants, most of them have a yellow and red colour. The reason is that this helps to increase appetite. When seeing these colours, neurons are sent on a part of the brain to the hypothalamus which is responsible for the regulation. If the brain is in mind, the production of saliva increases until it is prepared for eating.

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Those who try to reduce or gain weight by increasing their awareness of the impact of colours on the appetite can also use this trick alongside other efforts. We’re going to talk about the appetizing and anti-appetite colours.

The effect of colours on appetite, appetite-enhancing dyes


Decorators say, if the space around you has many patterns and your mind is tired, fill your round with white colour to make your mind fresh. But what does this have to do with food? We remove white foods nicely and forget to have calories. That’s why we’re looking at eating snacks like white bread and popcorn. Of course, this colour can be very effective for those who are deficient in weight.

The effect of colors on appetite


Nature’s beauty is the resultant colour of green. Green is a relaxed and comfortable colour. This colour is associated with novelty, coolness, cleanness and growth. Green is created in the brain, body and spirit harmony and reminds us of spring and restart. When food is green it’s healthy to know hence the brain by seeing this colour increases the appetite. Eating foods that are pale green makes the person eat a lot without feeling guilty. So green is also considered to be an appetizing colour.


The intensity and strength of this colour will not only cause high blood pressure but also increase the level of appetite. Most of the restaurant environment and… The colour is red because it stimulates people to eat.

However, you don’t miss a red colour, you can use the increase in energy that the red colour creates in sports. This means that you use a red dress when performing physical activities. Some sports clubs also paint their walls in order to use it as a triggers agent for more sports.

The effects of colours on appetite, appetite-reducing dyes


The blue colour of nature is relaxing. Researchers believe this colour creates chemical changes in the body that are relaxing and reduce metabolism. Also, the study proved to be blue-coloured. Researchers say the blue colour is because of the anti-Stark that is rarely found in nature (meats and plants).

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Some weight loss specialists recommend that people use blue plates and dinnerware. You can even give the blue light on the fridge to prevent night from being overnight. People who are trying to increase their weight so that they may not be using blue dishes or eat-in spaces that are in this colour.

2. Brown, Gray and black

All of these colours are associated with a reduction of appetite. Because Gray and black are supposed to create mold and malfunction in the minds of a person and a brown also takes the mind to burn. All of these things can help to reduce appetite.

The effect of colors on appetite

The effect of colours on the appetite, colours that can help everyone


Many holistic and alternative medical education use orange like an energy booster. Orange is the perfect colour for motivation to exercise. Wear orange dress until the morning when your energy is sleeping.


  This colour spectrum is very appropriate for people who are experiencing trouble sleeping disorder. Stained bedroom walls in purple will encourage the person to get asleep and relax. Take a purple colour in the next time you want to buy a bedroom. Don’t forget the shortage of sleep makes more cravings for sugary foods and carbohydrates.

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