Why Doesn’t Your Belly Fat Melt ?!

In melting Belly Fat For many of us, the most important thing is to achieve fitness. In addition to abdominal fat, visceral fat surrounds the organs, causing swelling and being associated with the stomach that causes the diseases are different.

If diet and exercise do not reduce fat, hormones, age and genetic causes may be involved in this issue. This article makes several possible reasons why your belly fat doesn’t melt.

why your belly fat doesn't melt

What does the stiffness of belly fat do?

Causes hardening of the abdominal accumulation of visceral fat belongs to the empty space inside the abdomen members are. These fats are connected to each other, so no space to move, so belly tighten. With the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area of the abdominal wall pressed outwards. Although not stiff fat, the tissue that the abdominal wall is made stiff. Therefore, if you touch hard in this area.

What does the accumulation of visceral fat be? Now there are many reasons. Some of them are on genomics. A 2014 study found that three genes that affect the relationship between trunk thighs, how much visceral fat you have determined.

The results of the research showed that while women are more at risk of health with excess abdominal fat associated with problems, men are more prone to fat gain, and this in the form of a body can make them (women usually pear-shaped and Men’s apple shape see ). nutrition and lifestyle also play a role. The sitting lifestyle associated with more visceral fat. Diet with high unhealthy fat also increases the risk percentage.

The difference between belly fat, tightening of the belly fat soft What?

Because of the large and pull the belly visceral fat, but belly subcutaneous fat is soft because they are close to the surface of the skin. If you just shake subcutaneous fat belly when you touch softly. In contrast to subcutaneous fat, visceral fat can be tweaked.

Like visceral fat, subcutaneous fat also creates a lack of exercise and diet is high in fat and processed foods. Women are more prone to storing fat subcutaneously rather than viscerally. However, when the menopause arrives in the form of visceral fat is stored.


Compare subcutaneous and visceral fat risk

There is some subcutaneous fat is safe. But most people who have a lot of subcutaneous fat have visceral fat a lot of time. These fats are numerous risks, including coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes and followed them. This is because of a lot of visceral fat but molecules that are associated with inflammation and insulin resistance.

The health risks associated with obesity and abdominal fat, even if they are not yet.

How to get rid of visceral fat?

Reduction of 5 to 10 percent of body weight makes 50 to 40 percent of visceral fat is melted. These agents eat whole grains and high sugars and processed foods that have been removed. Do aerobic exercises regularly, which have proven to relieve visceral fat. If you don’t have to fear the abdominal tightening. Exactly know this as a sign, a sign that you’re telling as soon as possible before you have a healthier lifestyle.

Why doesn’t belly fat melt?

1. Use a lot of processed foods

Refined grains such as white bread, chips, sugary drinks, refined sugars increase inflammation in the body. Inflammation associated with abdominal fat, which you eat too much-processed foods inhibits the body’s ability to melt belly fat comes in. Natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains are rich in antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent belly fat.

2. Fat wrong choose to eat

The body does not show all the fat in a reactive mode. Research has shown between high intake of saturated fats (meat and dairy products) and an increase in visceral fat there is a compound. On the other hand, polyunsaturated fatty acids (e.g. olive oil) and certain types of fats with polyunsaturated (mainly omega-3 in walnuts, sunflower seeds and fatty fish such as salmon) anti-inflammatory properties in the body.

Proper use of these fats has a good effect on the body, but remember that too much of any type of fat can increase your calorie intake and eventually gain weight.

3. The exercises are not challenging enough

Resistant to melting belly fat should increase the level of your workout. (In fact, those who have experienced many changes are stylistic exercise program).

Burning more calories is more exercise than necessary as long as you have progressed your workout. Exercise with high intensity means less time to burn the most calories and all muscles in the body to work.

why your belly fat doesn't melt

4. little sleep

If you are one of those people, that night, less than 6 hours to shrink an easy way to sleep your waist, you get more sleep. A study of 16-year-olds on nearly 70,000 women, showing that these 5 hours or less sleep at night, as the 7 hours of sleep at night are 30% more at risk of weight gain. National Institutes of Health recommends adults sleep 7 to 8 hours per night.

Sleep and Weight Loss: Is It Really Possible?

5. apple-shaped body weight

If instead hips and thighs add the most weight in the trunk, this means that your body is in apple shape. This means that losing genetic predisposition to abdominal fat will be difficult, but not impossible.

6.’re sick

If your testosterone levels are high because they have PCO syndrome, weight loss is difficult. If you have an apple body shape and obesity, you should also consult your doctor as they have pre-diabetes or diabetes.

7. You don’t have enough motivation

Doing things that are done to reduce belly fat do? Belly fat loss program requires low-calorie, high in fibre, low in carbohydrates and sugar content and cardio and starch.

8. The low-fat diet is

Reducing belly fat and fat is better, especially unsaturated fatty acids consumed. In a study of women who are professionals who want to do the diet tested in 1600 calories and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The result was that a third of her abdominal fat was lost in a month.

Melting stomachs: a promise of unsaturated fatty acids, such as a handful of nuts or a tablespoon of olive oil, along with other promises.

why your belly fat doesn't melt

9. While you were sad,

Research has shown that women with symptoms of depression are much more at risk of the excess fat belly because depression is associated with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.

Melt Belly Now: Exercise! Exercise improves the level of chemicals in the brain that regulate fat metabolism. These materials also have an impact on morale. High concentrations of these substances can increase motivation to do things that help ward off depression. Like a visit to friends, but if you are somewhere, you can do these things that it is time not to ask a therapist for help.

10 foods come out of the box

Simple carbohydrates (such as chips) and added sugars (such as sugary drinks) due to high blood pressure and insulin stimulation. Insulin is a hormone that promotes the liver to store fat to the body.

Building A Righteous Bod: 5 Commandments Of Smart Dieting

The best thing to do is to check your body with high-quality food.

11. Miracle Mineral Fit Fall

Magnesium more than 300 – function in the body adapts. Don’t be surprised? Research shows that people who consume large amounts of this mineral, low blood sugar and insulin levels are moderate.

Melt belly now: to use at least twice daily magnesium-rich foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, bananas and soybeans.

12. Diet Coke caught her

The results showed that diet cola drinkers have a higher proportion of belly fat.

Melt belly now: it is better to reduce consumption of such drinks since the drinks they found the body produces insulin and sweets. But there is no sugar! And for insulin is rising. It also helps to store fat in the body.

13. You’re a burger lover

At the end of the group of saturated fatty acids consumed twice as much visceral fat was stored.

Melt belly now: Try to get salmon to eat a good dose of fatty acids with unsaturated rings once a week. In the days you reduce the intake of red meat. Protein with low saturated fats, such as beans and poultry use.

14. You’re in the menopause

Hormonal changes associated with the menopause (usually beginning 40 years later) reduced abdominal fat is more difficult, but intense yoga movements compensate for these effects.

Melt belly now: Per couch isn’t it? For an hour to do that is good for you because it controls the stress hormones.

15. meals you eat colourless

Colourful fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, which reduces the cortisol. Studies show that people who tend to have more nutrients in red, orange and yellow thinner have the strain.

16. Do not sweat during training.

Studies show that exercising high intensity and quickly with a minimal pause between exercises of a high to melt the abdomen. It looks like blonde insulin levels, blood lipids and cortisol reduce. Even the short-term burn a high-calorie.


Melt belly now: If you like cycling or jogging for two minutes to increase so fast that also not able to talk to each other. then slow down for a minute and repeat until you have the energy to continue. Strength training like? Training like swimming and Scott doing a row for two minutes each time a minute break between them.

can help muscle building burn belly fat

Harvard University researchers found that endurance training with strength training is better than confrontational belly fat. Try to do strength training three to four times a week. While lifting weights and strength training for fat in the abdomen like a bomb. This exercise with a high protein diet combined to make the most of it.

Researchers found that women who get 30 percent of their daily calories in the form of protein, low-protein diet two women who have melted belly fat have melted. In this sense, at least 25 to 300 grams of protein try daily with each meal trying to use.

Belly fat is harmful, even for those who have normal weight.

Excess fat around the waist fatal disease risk even in people who have normal weight raises. Interestingly, the risk of death in people of normal weight, but with high-fat levels stomachs, are overweight more people.

If you have the same amount of fat in the thighs belly fat is much worse. If your weight is normal, but the bodyweight is high is a bad sign. Men over 101 cm and abdominal obesity in women are more than 89 cm, even if the scale is normal weight to say.

A man with normal weight and abdominal fat has an 87 percent higher risk of death compared to normal weight and abdominal fat man who does not. A woman who is the normal weight but 50% more belly fat than a woman with normal weight and abdominal fat is at risk of premature death.

The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat: What You Must Do

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