Almond Milk Latte Drink

I get questions each day asking what type of coffee creamer I take advantage of, but I avoid one. When I’d like a sweetened gourmet coffee drink that flavour great, I simply produce myself an extravagant Almond Milk Latte within 2 minutes! All you have to to create these delicious thin lattes is really a tiny whisk and just a few minutes of your energy.

Desire a vanilla latte? Simply take out the almond draw out and increase the vanilla draw out.

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Causes 2 Almond Milk Latte portions.


  • 1 cup robust brewed coffee
  • 1 cup Almond milk products, or milk of one’s choice
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp. almond extract
  • 2 tsp. Sweets or Sugar inside the uncooked- optional


-Heat the dairy in a little saucepan on medium-low heating. As soon as warmed whisk briskly and consistently to generate foam.

-Remove from temperature, blend in vanilla, almond remove and coffees and serve. Add sugar, please only use real glucose no substitutes.*

Nutrition Facts for Almond Milk Latte:

Each serving features:

  • Calories from fat: 47
  • Excessive fat: 1
  • Fiber Content: .5
  • Health proteins: .5
  • Carbs: 7

Almond Milk Latte* Sugars substitutes have already been proven to lead to the fat storage area and putting on weight, plus all sorts of terrible other unwanted effects… Is that basically worth keeping 16 energy? I guarantee you, the whisking on your own will melt away that 1 teaspoon of sugars (again Simply 16 Energy!) Or… simply omit the sugar.

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Try various flavours, switch the extract and you also have a completely different latte:

  • Almond Latte- employ almond extract
  • Almond Roca Latte- almond draw out & 5 chocolate chips
  • White Chocolates Latte- vanilla draw out & 5 whitened chocolate chips
  • Original Latte- miss the extract
  • Vanilla Latte- work with vanilla extract

In the event that you liked this Almond Milk Latte formula, try my Cool Blended Mocha Cappuccino, its flavour as being a fancy coffee home drink at under 125 calories!

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